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The Man Behind the Vision

While I have an affinity for all things Disney, I have a stronger appreciation for anything connected directly to the man behind the original vision for the Disney Company, Walt Disney himself. This week’s Souvenir Saturday pays homage to the creative prowess of Walt. If you are lucky enough to be in the Parks in the near future, keep an eye out for this amazing souvenir so you can bring a piece of Walt Disney’s vision home with you!

From the Walt Disney Archive Collection, I present to you the Walt Disney Notecard Box Set! Each notecard in this set features an iconic image of Walt Disney with a total of ten different images. There are two notecards of each image for a total of twenty notecards with envelopes. I believe the notecards are 5” x 7” and are ideal to send caring messages to all our fellow Disney Geeks! These cards are packaged in a handsome faux leather bound book with a gold foil reproduction of Walt Disney’s signature on the front. On the inside cover it reads:

Through the magic brush of imagination and the colorful palette of artistry, Walt Disney painted a vibrant style of storytelling all his own. Though a simple country boy from the heartland of middle America, his appeal is universal in both its straight-to-the-heart sincerity and its under-the-surface sophistication. He had his artistic hand on the pulse of the audiences everywhere as his creativity combined with his technological ingenuity to spin stories that touch a chord in the hearts of the young and young-at-heart all over the world. Transcending age and gender, this celebrated fabulist told timeless tales of animals, adventurers, and the most beloved characters ever created. Whether on the screen or at a Disney park, this weaver of wonders made dreams of enchanted fantasy, dynamic adventure and futuristic imaginings come true - and generations continue to be entertained, enlightened and inspired by Walt Disney's soaring vision

Listed for $30, this is a reasonably priced souvenir that allows you to bring home a piece of Walt’s magic. If you have the gross misfortune of not traversing the Disney Parks any time soon as I do, this can be purchased on the Shop Disney Parks app.

To download the Disney Parks app:

CLICK HERE for Apple users.

CLICK HERE for Android users.

Also, oddly enough, Hot Topic stores carry some items of the Walt Disney Archives Collection and this note card collection can be bought at their stores in malls across America or via their online store by CLICKING HERE.

The pictures below are courtesy of the Disney Parks app and Enjoy!

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