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How's this for a Throwback Thursday?

Sixty years ago today, the Submarine Voyage opened at Disneyland! On June 6th, 1959 we began daring explorations under the sea at Disneyland. The official dedication would not take place for a few more days on June 14. In honor of this milestone I present to you an extremely rare floaty pencil - yes pencil, not pen - souvenir that is likely as old as the attraction! Complete with mermaid and shark encounter! This is another amazing example of quality souvenirs found within the Walt Disney Productions era. There is some yellowing to the fluid inside and the movement is a bit wonky as the plastic has warped some and has a curve to it. I'm always on the look out for one of these beauties in shape, but this floaty pencil in particular is almost never seen for sale. It was a miracle I ever found one! See video below of movement. Enjoy!

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