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Walt Disney Production era souvenirs were FIRE!

The Walt Disney Productions era of merchandise is an absolute treasure trove of unique and wonderful items teeming with nostalgia. I recently struck gold with a unique find on eBay of one such item: an Esprit 2000 vintage souvenir lighter made in West Germany that is straight out of the 1950's! What makes this find even more unique is that it is almost brand new in it's original box complete with Disneyland price tag on the back indicating a steep price of $2.50 plus tax bringing the total cost to a whopping $2.60! Actually this is pretty reasonable considering I utilized an online inflation calculator and found that this dollar amount would be equivalent to just under $25 today. Either way, worth every penny! Just look at how exquisite the coloring is on this lighter! The external casing is coated in a turquoise lacquer and the castle logo is sort of a burnt orange. The lettering is done in black. This even has its original instruction sheet it came with - amazing! Check out the photos in the slide show below. Clicking on any image will enlarge it in a new tab. Enjoy!

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