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Another glorious morning. It makes me sick!

While we are still in August, retail establishments are

already putting out their seasonal selections for this year’s Halloween. Today’s Mug of the Day is not an officially licensed Disney product, however, it certainly evokes a great deal of Disney nostalgia if you are a fan of the movie Hocus Pocus. With a quirky feel similar to that of the movie’s dialog also demonstrated in the title of this entry (which is a direct quote from the movie), this mug says “Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee to Focus.” Humor, perhaps, is the intent here, however this statement is one hundred percent accurate for me and is a very fitting mug to use when facing my most dreary mornings. Credit for finding this gem goes to my sister-in-law Alicia who discovered it at the 99 Cents Only store. A great coffee mug that evokes Disney Halloween nostalgia for a dollar?!?! It simply can’t be beat. If you wish to find this mug for your own collection, click this link to locate a 99 Cent Only store near you: - and you may want to hurry as I bought this one just over the weekend and the selection was getting pretty slim. Also, take care to scrutinize the mug you buy as many had some noticeable flaws on them, so choose a good one! Either way, hard to complain for a buck!

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