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Sharing Some Mickey's Christmas Carol Cheer

Welp, today is Christmas. We made it! Through all the stress, hustle, and bustle the day is finally here! Hopefully everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief and spend the rest of the day with those nearest and dearest to our hearts. For Christmas, there is a particular Disney movie that sits at the top of my list of favorites - Mickey’s Christmas Carol. This is a must watch year in and year out. It holds such a special place in my heart that I have managed to procure some unique collectibles over the years from this beloved Disney classic. Many Disney collectors are well aware of the Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) figures that are absolutely epic and some of the most desirable pieces to collect. These figures are often the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Mickey’s Christmas Carol collections, and rightfully so. Today, however, I am sharing with you a few items that are much more obscure Mickey’s Christmas Carol collectibles.

The first items are three different animation costume model sheets that I believe to be used during production of Mickey’s Christmas Carol, though I myself cannot confirm/verify this. They are emblazoned with a stern warning that reads as follows:

This material is the property of Walt Disney Productions. It is unpublished and must not be taken from the studio, duplicated, or used in any matter, excepting for production purposes, without written permission from an authorized officer of the company.

It certainly seems legit, but you just never know. I know very little about these, but perhaps one of my readers may have more information they can share with me about them. Regardless, the aesthetic Mickey’s Christmas Carol appeal of these transparencies is off the charts! See for yourself in the slideshow below. If you want to pause or take a look at larger images simply click on the image below and it will open up in another tab. Enjoy!

The next few items are some pretty rare wooden pull-string ornaments. They have tiny stickers on the back that read “Made in Thailand,” but other than that, I know little about these as well. They each have some amazing action when the string is pulled so I had couldn’t just share pictures, I had to share some video footage of the action. Enjoy!

The last item is a rather large glass charger that is reverse embossed with a Mickey’s Christmas Carol Image. It was hard to capture the image in a photo, but as you can see it is a pretty amazing decorative item. This is another unique item I know little about, and pretty much just happened upon by chance.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed taking a gander at some pretty rare Mickey’s Christmas Carol collectibles. Enjoy the rest of your day. Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone!

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