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On this day in 1964…

Today in nostalgic Disney history, Mary Poppins floated into theaters and into the hearts of all who have seen this endearing film.

In honor of the film’s premiere I present to you a piece from my own collection that dates back to that very same

year. This ceramic figurine of the whimsical nanny herself is complete with parrot handle umbrella and even has the original retail tags! On the bottom is a hand scripted copyright that says: MCMLXIV Walt Disney Productions. The copyright letters may appear to some as gibberish but in actuality it is the Roman numeral for the year: 1964. Also to note on the bottom is the original distributor sticker that says: Enesco Imports Japan. I believe his piece to be among the rarer original ceramic figurines of Mary Poppins. If you'll notice the top of her scarf swings back over her left shoulder. The influx of similar figurines available currently within collector markets are of figurines that have the scarf draped over her right shoulder. This type seems quite common whereas I haven’t found identical figurines to the one I own all that often, if ever since I procured this piece. This of course is pure speculation based on analysis of these figurines currently being sold in collector markets. Take a gander at these pictures of this unique collectible from an amazing and timeless movie! Also, what better day to “step in time” and watch the film than today! Enjoy!

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