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This Week’s Souvenir Might Just Blow Your Socks Off!

No, this is not a twisted April Fool's joke. Seriously, who doesn’t need a decent pair of dress socks? Work, church, formal dinner parties - you never know when you

may need to reach for a pair of dress socks. Why not have some fun with it? These socks are marketed toward men under the Twenty Eight & Main collection of men’s gear sold at Disney parks - the twenty eight referring to the year Mickey Mouse made his debut. Also, the styles in this collection are often influenced by the classic look of Main Street, USA. They are billed as “fine quality goods for the discerning gentleman.” While this may be the case, could there not be occasions where women may want/need dress socks? My wife has worn a pair of my socks on more than one occasion. Ladies or gents, I would not hesitate to snag a pair of your favorite themed socks. As of this writing four different styles are available:

  • Jungle Cruise

  • Tiki Room

  • Mickey Ear Hat

  • Yeti from Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World

You purchase them today, simply CLICK HERE! (Images Below)

On a side note, Expedition Everest is my all time favorite roller coaster of any theme park I have ever been to - beyond thrilling and entertaining I rode it multiple times until my stomach told me enough was enough!

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