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A one-of-a-kind, custom Disney masterpiece original work of art: my Disney quilt ~ lovingly crafted

I already know I have the best mother-in-law a man could ask for. From day one of my wife and I’s dating years, Sheri Goodman has been “in our corner” and has pulled for the success of our relationship. My wife, Amber and I are very lucky to each have amazing mother-in-laws that are always there for us. You only need to look so far as the stigma “mother-in-law” has to know that this is a rarity in the world of in-laws. Even more rare is to be given a gift from your mother-in-law so unique, so rare, with countless labor hours poured in that it is an absolutely stunning and priceless work of art. Sheri has always been an amazing quilter and has never shared with us a single work that we were not absolutely impressed with. My Disney quilt, however, presented so much challenge that the results are truly remarkable.

You see, I knew Sheri had wanted to make a personalized quilt for me as she had lovingly done for so many other family members. For my wife’s uncle, Sheri’s brother Kirk, she made an amazing golf quilt that included a full size silhouette of his actual golf stance! Her talent was not lost on me and naturally I would request, as was also her idea, a Disney themed quilt. She asked for some general iconic images from all things Disney to give her a starting point to work with. Also, I had picked up some unused fabric from eBay that the Disneyland Hotel had used to make their bedspreads prior to the hotel’s 2010 remodel:

(Image credit:

Enter the challenge. To be able to utilize the park attraction images from the bed spread fabric in the form of quilt shapes and also use a color scheme that matched the vibrant colors all over the fabric and still make a masculine quilt was quite frankly an overwhelming task. Not only did Sheri accomplish this, but the details in the results are breathtaking! From the hand sewn iconic Partners statue and Hitchhiking Ghosts of the Haunted Mansion to the vintage ticket book toward the bottom that has my date of birth as its book number - every square Sheri lovingly crafted holds such great meaning to me. Also the square at the very bottom right as you face the quilt replicates a tattoo I have on the top of my right foot that has family significance with a touch of my own Disney flair.

Once all the challenges were overcome, the finished pieces were sewn together and the quilt was sent to the local quilter who owns a “long arm” machine that can handle sewing the decorative stitching seen in quilts. In our town she is known as “Long Arm Linda” and as a definitive bonus in this case - she too, is an avid Disney fan. Notice the detail in her handy work that incorporates many Hidden Mickeys all over the quilt. Also notice the subtle Mickey ears stitched on top of the Electrical Parade logo.

After a little bit of shared input from her quilting group friends and tackling some pretty complex problem solving while creating this masterpiece, Sheri has put together something that really belongs in only the highest caliber Disneyana collections. Luckily I own a pretty high quality collection myself and this quilt resides at the top as far as my most prized pieces go. Here, for your enjoyment, I present to you my personalized Disney quilt lovingly created by Sheri Goodman ~ enjoy the slideshow below!

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