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My 3 Favorite Space Mountain Collectibles

This past Saturday, May 27 2017, Space Mountain at Disneyland celebrated 40 thrilling years! Seeing as how I chose my top collectibles in honor of the Pirates of the Caribbean 50th anniversary which can be seen by CLICKING HERE - it's only fair that I give Space Mountain, another Disneyland favorite of mine, the same treatment. Here are three items straight out of my collection that I have great fondness for.

1. Space Mountain Official Astronaut Inaugural Flight at Disneyland, Summer 1977 plaque. The Space Mountain building pictured is sculpted in bas-relief out of a plaster type material. The image in the background completes the image of the original attraction poster and is printed in metallic blue on a silver metal material.

2. Space Mountain attraction poster mirror. I love this whole line of mirror souvenirs Disneyland sold back in the 70s. They had also sold the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, the Disneyland Railroad, and Sleeping Beauty Castle in addition to this one. It literally is a printed image of the attraction poster directly over a mirror. These are pretty breathtaking in person! At the bottom is the copyright: 1975 Walt Disney Productions which is interesting because the attraction didn't open until 1977 at Disneyland.

3. Space Mountain resin sculpture created for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. This sculpture of the iconic ride building was made to have the appearance of a pewter sculpture on a wood base. I love it’s classic look and it compliments my vintage collectibles quite nicely. This was a limited edition of 1500.

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