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Don’t Get Left Out - D23 Expo Saturday Tickets -> SOLD OUT!

Don’t delay. Do whatever it takes to not have to spend your hot summer days in a Disneyless stooper! D23 Expo tickets for Saturday have now sold out!

Tickets are selling out faster/sooner with every Expo held! You can still obtain Saturday admission by purchasing a 3-day pass and I would not put it off for long. Also, Friday and Sunday single day tickets are still available.

The D23 Expo is a very special event held only every other year filled with Disney magic. Every year has had some of its own challenges to overcome, but with each Expo things continue to get better and better. Overall, there has not been a single Expo that I have been disappointed with. Buy your tickets today then start researching ASAP how things operate at the Expo so you can make the most of your time there. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE!

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