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Words To Live By

Monday mornings are the worst. I am willing to go so far as to say that even morning people don't like Monday mornings. Monday mornings aside, what if no morning is pleasant in your book? Perhaps, much like myself, you are not a “morning person.” At one point I considered myself a “night owl,” although at this stage in my life as a parent of two little ones, I am slowly coming to terms with being neither.

If you are of the type of personality that dreads life in the morning hours, our Disney friend Eeyore has a gem of

wisdom for you:

“Mornings,” said Eeyore, “you might as well get used them ‘cause they happen ready or not.”

What goes better with your daily cup of coffee than Eeyore’s own words of wisdom? Doughnuts. Doughnuts do. Regardless, if you can use some daily encouragement to start getting used to the morning hours, you can currently purchase this mug from Hallmark stores everywhere or direct from their website by CLICKING HERE. Happy Mug of the Day Monday!

ON A SIDE NOTE: I highly recommend checking out Hallmark’s amazing inventory of Disney items available for purchase! CLICK HERE.

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