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Good morning. If it is a good morning... which I doubt. ~Eeyore

Monday mornings. Monday - here we go again. I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I can’t stand Mondays. Not another Monday.

Mondays, more often than not, are simply dreaded. Eeyore may have said it best on this amazing mug from Hallmark: Good morning. If it is a good morning… which I doubt. While it’s not my favorite mug in our cabinet, it certainly is the one I most often use on Mondays. This mug captures my Monday morning sentiment perfectly. And, more than I care to admit, myself and Eeyore share quite a bit in common (just ask my wife ~ she’s the one who bought this mug for me!). What a perfect companion to start off my week on a dreary Monday morning. Myself, Eeyore, and a piping hot cup of joe!

I am pretty sure this mug is no longer available for purchase from Hallmark, but it can be found on re-seller websites. It holds 12 ounces of fluid and stands 4 ½” tall with a diameter of 3 ¼”. Even though you likely won't find this mug specifically, I highly recommend visiting a Hallmark store or online (CLICK HERE) to check out their amazing selection of licensed Disney merchandise. They are sort of a lesser known location to pick up some collectible, high quality and unique Disney items. Happy Monday!

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