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Disney Themed Wooden Nickel to Debut At The D23 Expo

Here at I am attempting to bring back the souvenir Wooden Nickel as a desirable and limited collectible. Please, allow me to introduce you to the newest iteration of the souvenir Wooden Nickel!

About the inaugural souvenir wooden nickel:

This inaugural release is a strict limited edition of 1,000 wooden nickels. The reverse side of this token features an artistic rendering of the well-known image of Walt Disney walking through the Sleeping Beauty Castle entry corridor in the early days of Disneyland. On the front, as opposed to a simpler image of an Indian Head, as is traditional of most wooden nickels, I have instead used a custom image I created of the Indian statue that stands outside what used to be the Tobacco Shop on Main Street at Disneyland. The result is an amazing example of a classic souvenir wooden nickel that features not one but two iconic artistically rendered Disneyland images.

These wooden nickels are high quality and manufactured from a combination of wooden fibre and resin. Utilizing an extraordinary production technique the result is an MDF token (Medium-Density Fibreboard). All materials are 100% naturally sourced and therefore fully biodegradable. Due to the combination of both wooden fibre and resin in production, these wooden nickels have more of a sheen and slight plastic-like feel to them unlike the straight wood cut tokens of their vintage counterparts. This allows for a more precise printed image with a higher level of detail and also increases the durability and longevity of this wooden nickel.

How do I get one?

Initially I will be bringing a supply of these with me to the 2017 D23 Expo this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. The steps to acquire one are simple:

  1. Find me at the expo. I will be wearing this blue and white WED patch hat seen here:

  1. Tell me Walt Disney’s nostalgic quote: “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.”

  2. Follow me on one of the following three social media platforms: Facebook (join the Nostalgic Disney group or like the Nostalgic Disney Facebook page), Instagram, or Twitter.

Follow these easy steps this weekend while attending the D23 Expo and BAM! You are the proud owner of the very first collectible wooden nickel!

Following the convention, I will be hosting periodic giveaways on social media so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by clicking the respective icons on left hand side of this page. After a few rounds of giveaways, any remaining wooden nickels will be sold under the shop link on the menu at the left for a nominal charge.

If this is the inaugural release and the first wooden nickel, does this mean there will be others to follow?

Absolutely. I have designs already created and at the ready for future limited releases. Be vigilant though, as future release will be much more limited in number! I plan to release sets of wooden nickels as well that are themed as a group and sold together as a set. For example, the first set to be released will be the “Mountains of Anaheim” set that will feature artistic renderings of all of the park mountains at the Disneyland Resort, including California Adventure. The plan is to limit this particular future release to just 500 sets, however this is dependent on manufacturing options. Again, the best way to become aware of future releases and their specifics is to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this new and exciting line of unique collectibles that pay homage to the past! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to write me by clicking the contact link on the menu to the left. Best of luck in your endeavor to acquire the inaugural release nickel and I look forward to the possibility of meeting some of you at the D23 Expo!

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