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Savor The Days of Yesteryear While Savoring Your Morning Coffee

This Monday is halfway in the books already, but many people often require the benefit of a cup of coffee throughout the course of the entire day. Morning, midday, clocking out - no better time like the present to enjoy a Mug of the Day! For today’s Mug of the Day I stumbled across a mug on eBay a day or so ago that caught my attention immediately. If I wasn’t on a self-imposed spending freeze I would jump at the chance to purchase it as the listing is still live at the time of this posting, and ends in a little under six days. If you are interested in owning this mug CLICK HERE.

Today’s mug is a vintage souvenir Disneyland mug featuring the four park lands - Main Street, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland. It’s vibrant color scheme in shades of pinks and oranges and illustrated graphics evoke sort of a Mid Century Modern feel, and with the iconic park attractions pictured, the nostalgic appeal of this mug is off the charts! It is quite rare as I have never seen graphics offered in this style before with many years of experience searching eBay for vintage souvenir gems. My best guess as to when this mug was sold in the parks is between 1962 and 1966. My reasoning for this is that the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse attraction didn’t open until 1962, and New Orleans Square which is not featured on this mug opened in 1966. Again it is just a guess and I cannot know for sure. The certainty is that this mug is quite old and features a beloved attraction that is no longer at Disneyland that is not often seen pictured on souvenirs - the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. While I did thoroughly enjoy the animated Tarzan movie which has taken over the theme of the treehouse, I miss the original state of this attraction greatly! In the auction listing there is the mention of crazing (crackling in the glaze) which can be seen if you look closely at the pictures. I personally don’t mind this as for myself, it adds to the vintage and

unique appeal of the mug. On the bottom is the logo/copyright of Walt Disney Productions. Anything from this period of merchandise falls under a Gold Era for Collecting in my opinion. This copyright did cover quite a broad era though, dating as far back as 1939 and ending in 1986.

If you are the lucky buyer of this mug, you will have to decide if its practical utility as a coffee mug outweighs its appeal as a collector item. Meaning... use it for your morning cup of Joe or display it proudly in a curio filled with your prized Disney collectibles. I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me today - happy Mug of the Day Monday!

Enjoy the photos below used with permission courtesy of Ebay user ID: captinzander (100% positive feedback I might add!)

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