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THE Penny Arcade Getting Some Souvenir Love

Once again it’s Saturday and the discovery of another Twenty Eight & Main souvenir has blown me away. The patches baseball cap looks amazing and has what can best

be described as vintage advertising park icon patches. Some of my favorite souvenirs pay homage to more obscure park icons and in this case it is the whimsical Penny Arcade found on Main Street that is shown some rare “souvenir love.”

This hat has six different patches as follows:

  • Main Street Penny Arcade - A room full of fun for a Penny, nickel, dime, or quarter.

  • Tom Sawyer Island - Adventure Awaits - Rivers of America

  • POC a Pirates of the Caribbean - Armory Supply - MDCXLIII A.D. (1643)

  • Walt Disney R.R. - Grand Circle Tour - Service to Frontierland, Fantasyland, Main Street U.S.A.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Elevation 135 Ft. - Wildest Ride In The Wilderness (On a silhouette of the goat eating a stick of dynamite!)

  • Toad’s Taxi Service - Wild Rides - Fares to Here, There, and Nowhere In Particular - Flat Rates

While this line is designed for men and is marketed as “fine quality goods for the discerning gentleman,” certain items might be worn or used by anyone. This hat is one such example and I bet my wife would look beyond cute sporting this out and about! The hat itself is an attractive green corduroy type of material. This hat retails for $29.99 and can be found at the parks or can be purchased through the Shop Disney Parks App on your mobile device:

To download the app to your mobile device:

Apple users CLICK HERE

Android users CLICK HERE

Enjoy the product photos below courtesy of the Shop Disney Parks app and happy Souvenir Saturday!

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