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Where The Magic Truly Began

Many believe it was all started by a mouse. Not true. It all started within the mind of a single man gifted with unbridled creative prowess and drive. Walter Elias Disney - born on December 5th, 1901. Today’s Mug of the Day was created to honor what would have been Walt’s 100th birthday celebration had he not left us much too soon at the young age of 65.

I picked up this mug some time ago off a major secondary market auction sales website - namely eBay, lol. It shows a little wear and I bought it with full disclosure of its used state. I simply had to have it. At the time I had never seen one before - and anything with Walt himself as the subject matter is prized in my book. The three gold foil images of Walt on this mug are of actual iconic photographs taken of him at Disneyland and this mug was released as part of a park souvenir merchandise line at Disneyland celebrating his 100th birthday. The gold foil banner at the top says “Where the magic began,” on both sides of the mug. On the bottom banner is a quote from Walt Disney that reads, “Here is the world of imagination, hopes and dreams… -Walt Disney.” For being 16 years old it still is in good shape, but since I enjoy the collector appeal of this mug more than its practical appeal - it sits on my collectible shelves proudly displayed. Enjoy the pictures below and best of luck finding one for your own mug collection!

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