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Germs Are Not The Souvenirs We Want to Bring Home!

There are free “souvenirs” that all park goers can and do take home with them. Germs, yuck! Now, not to slight Disney as they run an incredibly clean operation especially given the number of guests they host, but out in the public realm, it can be a constant battle to rid ourselves of these pests. An effective and simple weapon to fight them off is hand sanitizer. It is an excellent idea when travelling to the Disney parks, or anywhere for that matter, to take a small bottle of hand sanitizer. But where would one keep this bottle of hand sanitizer? Loose at the bottom of a purse, bag, or backpack? Or perhaps loose in your pocket with whatever else has stowed away such as keys and loose change, chap stick, etc. Often times hand sanitizer is overlooked as something to take with us on a park visit and is forgotten all together.

Don’t you worry though! The marketing geniuses over at Disney have you covered! For this week’s Souvenir Saturday I present to you Disney character decorative key chain hand sanitizer holders! Everyone put those hands together for a very clean round of applause!

These key chains feature some of Disney’s most iconic characters as well as in a couple of instances, props. By props I am referring to the It’s a Small World attraction clock featured on one, the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design on another, It’s a Small World trashcan on another (super ironic, no? Hand sanitizer poured from a trashcan?), and Cinderella’s glass slipper on yet another. The rest are Disney property characters, a couple of which are even Star Wars themed. While they seem to be durable enough and reusable - to “restock” the sanitizer I imagine you would need to find an identically sized bottle and manage to un-stuff the original bottle and be able to replace it. Perhaps not the easiest of tasks. At ten bucks each, these key chains are not the cheapest solution to fight germs, but they kill two birds with one stone so to speak by providing a weapon against germs and offering a fun and unique key chain souvenir to take home. All pictures below are courtesy of the Disney Parks app, and while featured on the app, are unfortunately not available for purchase there. These can only be purchased physically at the Disney parks that sell them. These key chains featured on the Disney Parks app are specifically mentioned to be found at Walt Disney World, however I have seen them at Disneyland as well.

To download the Disney Parks app:

CLICK HERE for Apple users.

CLICK HERE for Android users.

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