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Aaargh, You Sunk My Pirate Ship, Matey!

Classic board games. Classic Disneyland attractions. Marry the two in a souvenir and you are sure to have a hit with young and old alike! It has been a couple weeks since the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction hit the 50 year milestone, and I cannot stop thinking about how amazing that really is. Just stop and think, a theme park ride that is 50 years old and is still as entirely relevant, thrilling, enthralling, and technologically amazing as it was 50 years ago! Then you have the board game, Battleship.

I can remember playing it with my father when I was a kid, and I cannot wait until my son is old enough to play it with me! That feeling of sinking your opponent's Battleship is hard to beat - and add a Disney flair by changing the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean, how cool is that? Themed game trays, ships, kegs, and cards add a whole new story line to this amazing game! Some have complained that the pieces are too plastic and chintzy - but hey, its not a collector caliber item - although at a steep $44.95, perhaps I would expect a tad more too. Very fun souvenir nonetheless, and an awesome way to take a piece of Disney home with you from your vacation!

As of this writing, you can purchase it by CLICKING HERE.

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