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Mondays ~ Make You Want to Go Back to Your Childhood, Don’t They?

Having to start a work week on a dreary Monday morning sure makes one appreciate the naivety of childhood. In a similar way, nostalgic Disney causes many of us to want to relive fond memories of our childhood. Why can’t we? This mug certainly helps you start your week off on the right foot! Who says you have to grow up? Sure we all have our adult responsibilities, but why can’t we pursue them with the same youthful vibrant outlook we had as children? Why can’t we engage our responsibilities with the same uninhibited creativity that a child has? We can, and often times we should! Life is too short. Drink coffee and stay young at heart! A joyful silhouette of Mickey Mouse himself always helps to set the tone for our week as well!

I am pretty sure this mug is no longer available for purchase from Hallmark, but it can be found on re-seller websites. It holds 12 ounces of fluid and stands 4 ½” tall with a diameter of 3 ¼”. Even though you likely won't find this mug specifically, I highly recommend visiting a Hallmark store or online (CLICK HERE) to check out their amazing selection of licensed Disney merchandise. They are sort of a lesser known location to pick up some collectible, high quality and unique Disney items. Happy Monday!

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