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WED Enterprises and My Coffee Laden Connection to Walter Elias Disney

Walt Disney Imagineering. The embodiment of the finest creative minds and talent that have brought us our beloved Disney parks and attractions. It’s roots can be traced back to 1953 when Walt Disney formed Walt Disney Inc. (WDI)

which was quickly renamed to WED Enterprises after some objection was raised as to the initial name. WED comes from Walt Disney’s own initials ~ Walter Elias Disney. The name WED Enterprises lasted until January 1986 when the division was renamed Walt Disney Imagineering as we know it today. It was under the WED moniker, however, that the parks and attractions I have always been most fond of were created. It is the WED Enterprises era that I am most nostalgic about when it comes to Disney as a whole - and for this reason this mug holds a special place in my cabinet.

This particular mug I imagine is currently hard to find. I purchased it at the D23 Expo back in 2013 during which the Expo recognized the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney Imagineering. As part of the milestone celebration, the D23 Expo had invited WDI to host a pavilion that gave an intimate look into the creative processes they are renowned for surrounding projects past, present, and future. It was by far my favorite experience at the Expo that year. Within this pavilion a pop-up shop of the Cast Member exclusive store called Mickey’s of Glendale was open to the public for the purchase of some amazing WDI themed merchandise. Of course I wanted one of everything in this shop, however, it was this mug that stood out above all and so I snagged it - probably my favorite Expo purchase all time! I often use this mug when I sit down to write for this website as it seemingly helps contribute to my Disney-related creative processes. Possibly a placebo effect of sorts, but I certainly love sitting down to write Disney content while sipping a piping hot cup of joe from this mug emblazoned with Walt’s very initials on it. My mind is instantly transported back to many different places of nostalgic Disney.

As a side note, if you are not a member of D23 I highly recommend joining. This fan club offers some highly exclusive events such as red carpet premiers, tours of the Walt Disney Studios and Archives in Burbank, tours of Walt’s own fairly recently replicated/re-constructed office in its original location at the Studios, among so many other events that offer unprecedented access to all things that encompass nostalgic Disney! Also, as an added bonus, the Cast Member exclusive store at the Studios is often open to event attendees for a special shopping experience, and every so often D23 members are invited to shop at the actual Mickey’s of Glendale store that carries very unique WDI themed merchandise much like this mug! If you’re interested in becoming a member, simply CLICK HERE to learn how!

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