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You may just lose your head over this glass.

Twenty Eight & Main Shrunken Ned Glass

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Shrunken Ned at Disneyland allow me to introduce you. Ned is the Jungle Witch Doctor - the Head Shrink of the Jungle - at the South Sea Traders store in Adventureland at Disneyland park. Dwelling in sort of an arcade-type machine within a glass cabinet, the animatronic shrunken head of Ned is there to dole out life prescriptions for a measly charge of fifty cents often resulting in the best medicine possible - laughter.

Hurry and snag this amazingly designed glass & add your favorite complimentary concoction making for the perfect life prescription ~ enjoyment.

This glass is currently available for purchase through the Disney Parks App via a simple search for “Ned.


The iTunes app is available HERE

The Android app via Google Play is available HERE



Length: 3.2 inches, Width: 3.2 inches, Height: 4.15 inches

Weight: 0.79 pounds

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