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Vintage Houze Art Souvenir Trays Capture the Whimsy of Walt Disney Productions

These glass art trays from Houze Art were sold at Disneyland dating back to the 60's and 70's under the Walt Disney Production copyright. While very small in size and minimal in design - they are very big on imagery and evoking nostalgia. Retro in appearance, they are often sold with a description of "ash tray" though their small size and flat stature may be indication of other purposes such as change holder or candy dish as well.

The first few pictures show some trays from my personal collection. One is a depiction of the milkweed ballet scene from the movie Fantasia (displayed perfectly on a modern Mickey Mouse hand display stand) and the other is a 4-pack of mini trays depicting various attractions from Disneyland still in the original packaging. (Note the quarter in the images for size reference). Each of these Houze Art items are extremely rare and it is not often that they go on sale in the collector market. In particular the Fantasia tray - I have only seen for sale this one time ever and I was lucky enough to snag it at a cheap price tag. The seller had mentioned that it was purchased by a family member from the Disneyland Hotel gift shop. At the time, a tray of this size retailed for the whopping price tag of $1.00.

The other photos were found across the world wide web and show some other examples of Disneyland Houze Art souvenir trays. The two examples of Sleeping Beauty Castle show two different path color ways - one blue and the other golden. The last tray is an example of a non-rectangular-shaped tray that is a scalloped bowl. This is a neat example depicting the various lands at Disneyland. I really like in particular how, in the New Orleans Square section, the scene depiction is of the Mayor Dunking Scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride attraction. This is a an awesome and unique touch for this Disneyland park souvenir.

As you can see, these vintage Houze Art souvenir trays from Disneyland are quite the whimsical example from the Walt Disney Productions Golden Era for collecting! If you know of any other rare examples of these souvenir trays that I have not mentioned, I am curious to learn more about them - so please feel free to contact me using the "Contact" navigation button in the upper left or comment below in the Facebook comments section. Thank you kindly for your interest and enjoy!

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