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Mornings are my worst Nightmare.

My personal go-to mug. That mug, that I prefer day in and day out. Equal parts nostalgic appeal and functional convenience. It’s larger size - 20oz. - means fewer times walking to the kitchen for refills. It’s wider diameter - 3 ⅞” - means I can actually set it on the couch cushion next to me without much risk of tipping on it’s own.

Then there is the subject matter. Ever since it’s release in 1993 (yes over 20 years old now!), Nightmare Before Christmas has been one of favorite movies, and Jack Skellington one of my favorite characters. Making this mug even more of a perfect fit for me, the saying on this mug is a special nod to my own character as I am definitely not a morning person at all. I loathe mornings.

Description courtesy of from the days when this mug could actually be purchased online:

Clearly Jack isn't a big fan of the early part of the day.

''Mornings Are My Worst Nightmare'' he declares on this Jack Skellington Mug.

The star of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas stands out in bas relief on this frightfully big cup.

Wash thoroughly before first use

Holds 20 oz.


5'' H x 3 7/8''

This is the mug I will hand wash first thing in the morning on even my crankiest of mornings because it means that much to me.

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